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Take Our Kids to Work Day at Alectra

Take Our Kids to Work Day is an opportunity for kids to step into a workplace and learn about the different positions that they could possibly pursue when they’re older. That day I had chosen to go with my mom to work, Rossana Broderick, the Director of Change Management and Communications. When I stepped into Alectra, I was immediately greeted with a warm aura. They had provided everyone with breakfast and soon after that, a presentation about how the day was going to go and how we were supposed to behave. After grasping the ground rules, we had participated in an ‘icebreaker’ activity; where you say two truths and one lie, making the rest of the kids guess your false statement. By the end of this exercise, everyone was wide awake and excited for the other activities to come.

Greeted by another excellent presentation about Alectra’s values and what positions you could possibly follow, we had learned so much about what the staff at Alectra really do. But by now, it was time to become aware of the dangers of electricity. I had learned so much about electricity and how risky it was to be side by side with it. The presenter, Dan, who had given us a vivid demonstration of what happens when you come into contact with electricity had us all with our jaws dropping to the floor. We even did a quiz on all the information he had given us. He showed us what happens to a pickle when it gets electrocuted and the experiment even left the adults surprised.  As soon as that demonstration was finished, it was time for another activity; Company Jeopardy. Our presenter and lead for the day, Jordan, had given us topics where you had to choose which one you wanted to answer, each answer carried a number of points that you and your team could win. It was a fun game despite my team losing. ‘A’ for effort!

An opportunity to visit a workplace to learn what our parents do every day

We were later taken on a tour of the control room, where we had to be very cautious of what we touched. They began to explain what the workers in the control room really did. They receive calls about where power outages are and if there was an issue with the powerlines. It was also very interesting to learn is how they work ‘around the clock’ every day regardless of special celebrations such as Christmas or New Years. I was very impressed to know that we have people who are very dedicated to do this work.

20 minutes went by and we found ourselves back in the same room where we had started. It was time to learn about how to plan your career. Everyone had watched two workers being interviewed about learn how they ended up working for Alectra. They taught us what to do and what not to do in high school. With some inspirational advice, we may actually have a good chance in getting a job in the next year or so.

Overall this was an excellent experience for all of the students

Lunch came along and it was time to devour the tasty food that Alectra had offered; chicken fingers, fries, mac and cheese and to be healthy, a salad. An hour of lunch had made us ready to pose for a group photo, remembering the kids who came to work in November 2017. Yet that was not the very last thing we did together as a group. It was time for “Minute to Win it Challenge”. Where each team had a minute to complete a small game. Believe it or not, my team had come in second.

After this last game, it was time for us to say goodbye. The staff thanked us and had even given us a certificate. But really, we had to thank them for giving us such a wonderful experience at Alectra.

For the remaining portion of the day, all the kids had the opportunity to spend the last part of the day with their parents to see what they do every day. I actually got to see my mom lead a meeting with her staff and I have to say, I saw a different side to my mom. I appreciated what she does day in and day out.  Good job Mom!

As if the day couldn’t get better, I ended mine with the opportunity of meeting Alectra’s President and CEO, Brian Bentz. Wow, how impressed I was that somebody in his position took a sincere interest in asking me how my day was and what I enjoyed the most. I was really taken back by that. Overall this was an excellent experience for me and I’m sure for so many.  Thank you to all the people who made this happen and for giving us this opportunity to have a better appreciation of what our parents do at Alectra.