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Royal’s conservation efforts removes equivalent of nearly 400 homes off the grid

Vaughan PVC pipe manufacturer receives cheque for $172,475 for energy retrofits

VAUGHAN, ON, June 15, 2017 – Alectra Utilities (formerly PowerStream) recognized Royal Building Products with a $172,475 cheque for reducing its electricity consumption through its participation in the utility’s Save on Energy Retrofit program. The energy reductions are equal to removing nearly 400 homes off the grid and will achieve electricity savings for the company of $316,037 per year.

Alectra Utilities worked with Royal Building Products, whose plant in Vaughan manufactures PVC pipe for city water mains, sewers, electrical  and other uses, to facilitate multiple projects including the commissioning of a “free cooling” system. The new cooling system utilizes outside air when temperatures are approximately fifteen degrees Celsius or colder. Commissioning the equipment resulted in having about 6,000 hours per year, or roughly three quarters of the year, when the chiller system can be turned off.

The retrofit included the installation of new vacuum pumps, replacing the older 20 horsepower pump size to more efficient five horsepower pump size. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) were also installed which spray water on the pipe after extrusion to cool and solidify materials.

The conversion will reduce the company’s combined electrical demand by 176 kilowatts and electricity consumption by 3,511,527 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.

“Working with Alectra Utilities’ Conservation and Demand Management team, Royal Building Products took a unique and innovative approach to achieving it’s cooling and energy efficiency needs.” said April Currey, Director, Customer Insights & Acquisition for Alectra Utilities. “Our team has the expertise to help customers like Royal Building Products navigate the retrofit process and realize the incentives available through the Save on Energy Retrofit program to help them see their conservation goals come to fruition.”

Efficient use of electricity can help reduce costs and conserve energy. For more information about Alectra Utilities’ conservation programs and incentives, please visit alectrautilities.com.

Retrofit Program - Royal Building Products
Royal Building Products receives cheque for $172,475.30 from Alectra Utilities through the Save on Energy RETROFIT Program.


Alectra’s family of energy companies distributes electricity to nearly one million customers in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe Area and provides innovative energy solutions to these and thousands more across Ontario. The Alectra family of companies includes Alectra Inc. (Mississauga), Alectra Utilities Corporation (Hamilton) and Alectra Energy Solutions (Vaughan).


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