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Ceiling fans: Sleep comfortably and save on energy costs

Keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summertime can be a real challenge. Running your air conditioning unit constantly throughout the day and overnight can add up to substantial energy costs. But opening the windows at night doesn’t always produce a cool breeze, and floor fans can be loud, inconvenient, and sometimes seem to just blow the warm air around in one spot.

There is another option to help you stay comfortable in your home during the summer months, and reduce energy costs at the same time. ENERGY STAR® certified ceiling fans provide overnight heat relief at an impressively low operating cost – as little as 10% of the energy consumed by window AC units – meaning you can keep your fan on all night without worrying about drastically high consumption costs. Ceiling fans also use 50 per cent less energy than standard fans and move up to 25 per cent more air.

Since nighttime is always at least a few degrees cooler, downgrading from air conditioning to a ceiling fan will still allow you to retain the same level of comfort as you have during the daytime heat. Rotating the blades downwards (as opposed to upwards during the winter) creates a continuous and cooling downward breeze without the use of air conditioning, and can feel more natural than the forced cold air. Sleep comfortably all night long, and wake up to lower energy costs.

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