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Alectra co-op student represents success of TRI-Rock Program in Hamilton

Alectra co-op student Seema Essa is leading by example when it comes to living the Alectra Value of Excellence through her volunteer work at Living Rock Ministries, which provides support for at-risk youth in Hamilton.

At the age of five, Seema and her family moved to Canada from Afghanistan, a country overcome with hardships and war.

Looking to pursue a career within the legal system, she found support through volunteering at Living Rock.

As she struggled to find a job, Seema learned about Living Rock’s TRI-Rock program that offers opportunities for personal development, life skills and employment training. TRI-Rock is a program for youth aged 18-30 who have little or no work experience. Staff provide support to clients who have experienced barriers to employment such as non-high school completion, single parents, recent immigrants, and mental health concerns.

Participation in this 16-week program led Seema to her current co-op placement at Alectra Utilities in the customer care and billing department. This has provided her with the opportunity to work with customers, lawyers, and vendors. Working at Alectra has been a turning point in Seema’s career as she continues to gain practical experience, working with different people across the organization.

“I am learning a great deal at Alectra that can help me later on in my career and as I go back to school in September,” says Seema.

Due to her participation in TRI-Rock, Seema recently accepted a certificate from Living Rock on behalf of Alectra in appreciation of our company’s long-standing support for the agency.

Seema is part of the 80 per cent of TRI-Rock participants to either gain employment or return to school after completing the program. Starting in the fall, she will be attending Mohawk College and working part time at Alectra Utilities in Hamilton.

After she has completed her studies, Seema hopes to continue working at Alectra. “The prospect of working full time for one of Ontario’s leading hydro companies is both intriguing and exciting,” explains Seema. “Many of Alectra’s values resonate with me, such as excellence, innovation and respect. These are all attributes I strive for in my career.”

With the support of Living Rock Ministries and her experience at Alectra, Seema is well on her way to a successful career.